Question: Why are cantilever slide gates superior to track mount slide gates?

Answer: The reliability, speed, quality and engineering of cantilever slide gates is superior to the conventional track mount slide gate. Cantilever slide gates are made from heavy robust industrial grade materials and require significantly less maintenance than track mount slide gates. Only cantilever gates can be installed on uneven ground surfaces or camber road surfaces.

Track mount slide gates can require extensive maintenance which is often extremely expensive. Problems associated with track mount slide gates can compromise your client’s security. Some examples of common problems include:

• The ground mount track becomes loose from the compression of vehicles travelling over it and the alignment of the drive rack changes;

• Debris build-up around the track can cause the gate to become inoperable;

• The gate leaf can be dislodged from the ground mount track due to stones, branches etc;

• Low vehicles, forklifts (tongs) can hit the ground mount track and bend it;

• Twisting and turning of vehicles on the ground track can bend the track.

These common problems cause the gate to become inoperable and components will need to be adjusted or replaced immediately or your client’s security will be compromised.

Generally a track mount slide gate requires a quarterly service whereas a cantilever slide gate usually only requires a twelve month service depending on the usage.

Typically the installation process for a track mount slide gate requires the entry and exit to the site to be closed until the trenching has been completed and the concrete has cured across the opening (generally 2-3 days). The installation of a cantilever slide gate requires three main concrete foundations (closing post, main support tunnel and the rear back runner). If an existing gate is in operation generally it can be used until the installation of the cantilever slide gate has been completed so that security to the site is maintained at all times.

Question: What type of motor should be used on cantilever slide gates?

Answer: It is always recommended that a commercial/industrial grade drive motor be used on cantilever slide gates. Domestic grade motors are inadequate in all respects to drive a commercial/industrial grade cantilever slide gate.

The duty cycle of the commercial/industrial grade motor is dependent upon the daily operations required. Create Security highly recommends the use of a 3-phase (single power 10amp power source) frequency inverter motor (.75Kw with a 100% duty cycle).

Gate speeds can be adjusted via the standard frequency inverter. This is normally set at 640mm per second in the open cycle (1000mm per second can be achieved as an option). Closing speed is generally set at 200mm-640mm but higher speeds can be achieved on site to suit specific client needs.

The life span of the motors is approximately 20-30 years dependent upon usage and regular maintenance as per manufacturer’s recommendations.

Question: What happens if there is a power failure?

Answer: A cantilever slide gate system can be easily operated manually in the event of a power failure. The cantilever slide gate motor is housed within the main equipment enclosure. Authorised personnel can access the locked equipment enclosure with keys to control the manual override dial on the motor to manually operate the gate. Currently there is no Australian Standard to push and pull a gate/barrier with our unique engineering skills were able to push and pull a 1.2t weighted gate >12.0 m <20kgs (Keep in mind your Fire evacuation steps when theres no power to open the gate and your required to do this manually) Could mean a man trap BEWARE!

Question: Do you require a QBCC license if your the main principle contractor providing/installing the equipment?

Answer:  YES,This is a mandatory license required only in Queensland as per below quote from the QBCC website

The physical security & automation industry has mandatory requirements to be a Q.B.C.C (Queensland Building and Construction Commission) licensed business with the Nominee as the supervisor of works.

Quoted from the below link: “The licensed contractor (including a nominee or site supervisor) must ensure work done under the licence is supervised by an appropriately licensed person”

Refer below link;


Question: Do you require a Security providers license to advise/supply/install on Physical automated security products?

Answer: YESThis is a mandatory license required for all security providers


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