Consultation and Design

Understanding your enterprise requirements is fundamental to achieving a secure compound.

Through our consultation and design review process we consider:

  • potential risks and threats;
  • multi protection zones;
  • operational procedures and access requirements;
  • traffic flows (people and vehicular);
  • aesthetics and required security level;
  • integrating with access control provider;
  • occupational health and safety; and
  • estimated budget.

Create Security will undertake a detailed analysis of your site and can provide you with a customised design to suit individual security requirements or you can choose from our extensive range of standard security products for general application.

By combining our expert knowledge with a thorough understanding of your security needs you can be assured that the team at Create Security will advise you on an appropriate design to achieve your desired outcome.

Take advantage of our capabilities to meet your project requirements. Contact Us now for a no obligation site review. Alternatively, browse our site to learn more about our Company, Services, and Products or check out our Showcase/Gallery and FAQ's for more ideas, solutions and answers.