Boom Gates – Solar 12v

Create Security Solar Boom Gate system is engineered to deliver ‘Reliability through innovation and design’.

Our solar Boom Gate is powered by a custom built 12vdc motor and gearbox which is rated for up to 3000 operations per day with a life cycle of 5 Million operations. Variable speed on opening and closing (standard is 3 seconds) combined with damping in both end positions, ensures smooth operation and prolongs the life of the Sector.

Battery backup is standard and the Sector is configured to operate on solar power without any modifications to the controls.

The cabinet is electroplated and powder coated with white high UV resistant polyester powder, the base of the cabinet is made from 3 mm hot dipped galvanised steel.

The intuitive user friendly controller provides for numerous operating parameters, set using the LCD screen and buttons on the face of the controller.

Standalone, with no external power requirements the Solar series from Create Security is the first choice for reliability in remote locations. more

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