Pedestrian Barriers

Create Security Pedestrian Barrier systems are engineered to deliver ‘Reliability through innovation and design’.

These personal barrier solutions are designed control one on one access to your designated areas for a variety of high volume situations.

There barriers are PLC controlled with features you’d expect from a world class manufacturer. Applications for these barriers include:

  • Office blocks, sports centres and public building
  • High security control with rapid action to provide absolute individual pass through.
  • General control with able and disable access to provide low intrusion barrier and control

When management of the public and staff is critical to the effective management of your site, Create Security has the Pedestrian security solutions to meet your requirements. more…

Download Brochures:


Pedestrian Control-CR8-180 Swing Barrier


Pedestrian Control-CR8-Flap Rapid Barrier


Pedestrian Control-CR8-Tri-Arm series




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