Pedestrian Turnstiles

Create Security Pedestrian Turnstile systems are engineered to deliver ‘Reliability through innovation and design’.

The CR8 series of full height turnstiles are designed for use in high volume areas such as, Industrial Plants, Sports Stadiums and Military Installations. They are compatible with all access control cards and proximity systems.

Manufactured from stainless steel this free standing turnstile is easily installed by bolting to the floor with all electrical cabling concealed within the frame.

Standard features include:

  • 15-40 people per minute throughput
  • 100% duty cycle rating on mechanism and solenoids
  • Controls housed in an 11 Pin plug in module and easily accessible
  • Stainless steel spindle with hot dip galvanised frame

When you need absolute control to your facilities one person at a time, Create Security has the Pedestrian Turnstile solutions to meet your requirements. more…

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